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We appreciate all of your inquiries particularly over the last few months about when our CBN events will again be available. Obviously with our typical numbers, there is an issue with social distancing, as well as, an ‘open’ buffet.’

A fair percentage of our attendance involved is over 55+ so we have many in the higher risk group. We will be given the ‘go ahead’ from the Archdiocese regarding when CBN can gather again.

Thank you all who have been ‘regulars’ the past twelve years and to those who attend when available. Our ministry is highly valued by the Archbishop and by the Pastors of St. Michael’s and Nativity.

We sincerely appreciate your long time support and enthusiasm for the Catholic Business Network. It has served many well and has introduced several impressive Catholic business leaders as presenters.

Always Good News,

Michael Shirley, Chair and Co-Founder

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